Publication Date : 21/11/2018

Author(s) :

Theepashree Sellappan , Dr.S.R.Ruckmani.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 4
Issue 11
(11 - 2018)

Abstract :

The robot is used in major industries to reduce the human effort and also for security reasons. In existing system the user of this robot cannot operate from long distance and doesn’t have obstacle detection facility. The Camera is not present in the existing system so it is difficult to identify the position of the robot. So to improve the flaws in the existing system, the smart robot is developed which can be controlled from a long distance. The reason for using smart robot is to operate the robot in the areas where the humans cannot reach. This project is designed as smart robot which consists of two section, they are robot section and monitoring section. Microcontroller are interfaced with temperature sensor, obstacle detector, proximity sensor, IR sensor, camera, LCD, motor and ZigBee. In robot section the temperature sensor helps to detect the field temperature to avoid the fire accidents. If room temperature exceeds the set point the robot sends an alarm signal to the operator. The sharp IR obstacle detector helps to detect any obstacle that comes in the way of robot. The robot automatically stops once it detects any obstacle and it waits for user commands. The program which is loaded into the microcontroller makes the robot to stop if it detects any obstacle. The proximity sensor helps to detect metal and picks the metal using magnetic field which is contained in the proximity sensor. The proximity sensor also acts as an electro magnet. IR sensor is used to detect the robotic path. The program is loaded into the microcontroller which controls the IR sensor and makes the robot to move in the right path. A Camera is mounted on the robot to identify the position of the robot and also for security purpose. The LCD display is used to indicate the temperature. The driver circuit is used to operate motors. The motors are used to operate the wheel which moves the robot. The monitoring section consists of a ZigBee, MAX232 and PC. In order to operate the robot, the user has to make a command from the PC. ZigBee receives command from the PC and makes the robot to move. The commands will make the robot to either go in forward, backward, left or right direction. Thus with the help of this technology the robot is controlled using PC, commands receive through ZigBee, irrespective of the distance from the robot.

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