Secure Sharing of Medical Data in Big Data Analysis

Publication Date : 01/04/2016

Author(s) :

D. Jayakumari , D.Suganthi , J.Cimiya John , P.Shebi.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 3
(04 - 2016)

Abstract :

Cross cloud computing is the piece of software that is portable and can run on multiple platforms without human intervention. Cross cloud service composition provides a concrete approach that is capable for large scale big data processing. We propose a privacy-aware cross-cloud service composition method, named Hire Some-II (History record-based Service optimization method) based on its previous basic version Hire Some-I. In our method, to enhance the credibility of a composition plan, the evaluation of a service is promoted by some fits Qos history records. Using Hiresome-II technique time consumption for searching of data can be reduced. Cloud computing is an internet based computing, which shares resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, in this security is the major concern.

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