Publication Date : 02/04/2016

Author(s) :

Er. Parul Parmar , Er. Preeti rani.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 3
(04 - 2016)

Abstract :

The Ladder Mill is the upcoming generation of wind mills with economic and technical advantages over present systems. Ladder Mill consists of number of air tethered wind turbine that rotates about a horizontal axis in retort to wind, generating electrical energy. This electrical energy is transferred down for utilization, or to battery banks or the power grid. Helium filled balloon with the Rotating System, which floats at an altitude as selected by the operator for the suitable wind flow. An aerodynamic phenomenon normally helps the helium balloon to lift up while rotation and also helps to stabilized the system. To keeps the mechanism at controlled and restricted location. Now these days it is very needful to opt the renewable source of energy in the whole world. For the same necessities we require advance options for upcoming era, hence Ladder Mills are going to be very helpful for the Future.

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