Desertification in India: Challenges and Remedial Measures

Publication Date : 28/03/2016

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 3
(03 - 2016)

Abstract :

Desertification is a universal phenomenon and a persistent danger to mankind. The human activities for his subsistence and endurance lead to overloading the land resources and ultimately destruction of delicate ecological balance. The overuse of soil resource and imbalance in ecosystem enhances denudation, erosion soil salinization, deforestation and ultimately transformation into a desert. India is a huge country covering 3.28 million square km with varied surface features. A semi-arid belt in the peninsular region extends in the area between the humid west coast and the central and eastern parts of the country. This segment is very prone to desertification. The aim of this paper is to find the causes of rapid desertification and to suggest some possible measures to combat it.

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