Papers for Issue

Volume:4 Issue:8 Aug ' 2018

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1 The Relation between Exchanging Layer, Energy Gap and Efficiency for CuO/ZnO and Some Dye Solar Cells
Author(s): Mubarak Dirar Abdallah , Inaam Adam , Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed.
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2 The Effect of change of Nano – size of Na and Ca compounds on their Electrical Permittivity
Author(s): Mahmoud Hassan , Ali Sulaiman Mohamed , Mubarak Dirar Abdallah , Abdelnabi Ali Elamin , Bashir Elhaj Ahamed , Rawia AbdElgani & Ebtihal Abdelrahim , Abdelsakhi Sulaiman Mohamed , Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed.
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3 High Performance Tiles using Fly Ash and Recycled Plastic Wastes
Author(s): Shubham Kumar Sarkar , Piyush Katre , Sourabh Mistry , Syed Kaif Ali.
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