Papers for Issue

Volume:3 Issue:8 Aug ' 2017

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1 A Biologically Inspired Model Using Laplacian Of Gaussian Improves Contour Detection
Author(s): Mayuri P.Vidhate , Lalita B.Randive.
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2 Optimized Data Analysis Model in Cloud using Big Data Analytic Techniques
Author(s): Miss. Sohile Kent , Dr. Lakshmi Prasad Saikia.
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3 Experimental Investigation of Performance of CI Engine using Honge as bio Diesel with different Blend Ratio
Author(s): Niranjan J Nanjayyanamath , Basavaraj R Koppad , Shivakumar G Aralelemath , Vijay Shigli.
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4 World of Internet of Things:Applications of IoT
Author(s): Ms.Swati A.Khavare , Ms.Kirti A.patil.
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5 Substrate Slotted Defected Ground Dual band and Triple band Microstrip Patch Antenna for X-Band Applications
Author(s): Krishma Vason , Abhishek , Amit Kumar.
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6 Agile Testing: Brief Review
Author(s): Haifa Almotairy.
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7 U-Shaped Slot Loaded Microstrip Line Fed Multiband Microstrip Patch Antenna
Author(s): Rajni , Loveleen Kaur , Amit Kumar.
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8 Tuning Wavelength in SG-DBR Lasers Using Transfer Matrix
Author(s): Mahnaz Shahsavari , Hadi Mousavi , Tohid Derakhshan.
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